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Mandolins, Octave Mandolas, Citterns and Bouzoukis

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The following members of the Mandolin family are all available from Pickard Acoustics.

Mandolins (E) -------------------------- 4-course (g,d',a',e")
Mandolins (A) -------------------------- 4-course (g,d',a',e")
Octave Mandolas ---------------------- 4-course (G,d,a,e')
Citterns (movable bridge) ------------ 4-course (G,d,a,e')
Citterns (movable bridge) ------------ 5-course (G,d,g,c',g')
Citterns (fixed bridge) ---------------- 5-course (D,A,d,g,d')
Bouzoukis ------------------------------ 4-course (gG,d'd,aa,e'e')
(Suggested tunings only)

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