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Click here for more information on ukulele sizes
Ukeleles are available in the following sizes
(suggested tunings are also indicated but please note that various different tunings can be used so be sure to discuss your preferred tuning when ordering):

Sopranino (U4/So) --- (1st-4th) e" b' g' d" OR d" a' f' c"
Soprano (U4/S) ------- (1st-4th) b' f#' d' a' OR a' e' c' g'
Concert (U4/C) ------- (1st-4th) a' e' c' g'
Tenor (U4/T) --------- (1st-4th) a' e' c' g'
Tenor (U8/T) --------- (1st-8th) a'a', e'e', c'c", g g'
Baritone (U4/B) ------- (1st-4th) e' b g d'

*Pickard Acoustic ukuleles are strung with Aquila NylgutŪ strings*

Further information about dimensions can be found by clicking here.

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